5 Mistakes I Wish I Knew When I Was 21

You may have heard the title ‘3 Mistakes Of My Life, but this title applies in my life with extra two different mistakes which I would not forget all my life, LOL!

Jokes apart, the purpose of writing this article is pretty simple — If you are a college student or passed out, this article is for you. Stick to the very end, and don’t miss anything in the between.

Today, I will reveal the things I did terribly when I was in 20–21 years of age. Well, now I’m not that old, but when I look three years back, I always wish I could have my time back. Please give me that two years of my life back. Well, I know nothing will happen to regret now, but I don’t want you to make those silly mistakes.

I may not give you a success formula here, but I can surely tell you where you can fail and how you can rise.

  1. Don’t Ever think Drinking and Smoking Are New Cool.

If you consider yourself an adult or a college-going guy, you’ll surely think this is a trend or a new way of incredible to impress girls/boys. But let me tell you that this is the worst kind of thing you can do to impress anyone. People love to see you in a hangover because you can be a source of entertainment to them. If you want to drink or party, then do it occasionally or be within your limits. Going out of limits will indeed give you fun at that time but harm you in the long run.

2. Never Ever Underestimate Your Parent’s Judgement or Decisions

I can feel you! Nowadays, because of technological change, there is a generation gap between you and your parents, so you go and talk with them about anything disturbing you or you both are against. I bet you that it will work out, and things will get better.

3. Not Everyone Is Your Friend

In your 20s, you call everyone your friend, right? But later on, you realize that there are only a few we can call our true friends. You will get to know the difference between Friends and True Friends after 25, and it’s okay. If you do not experience it, you will not realize who was honest and fake. I don’t think it happens with everyone; it’s a universal truth — the Sooner or later quality of people matters in your life, not quantity.

4. Go NO FAP

Yess! If you can, do it! Please don’t waste your sperm in your early’s; otherwise, it will cost you much. Excessive masturbation will lead to low energy, negative dreams about everybody, procrastination, low focus, pre-mature aging, lower sperm count, and many more. I will come up with another article on the same topic very soon.

5. Try out different things of different professions

In your 20s, you have so much time and energy, so here’s my little advice — you must go out and try different things, not just for your profession but also for your passion. Understand this very carefully, in the 20s, everyone runs after money or status. Still, if you experience things at an early age, you will be able to differentiate among things, people, profession, what makes you happy, things to avoid, and many more. I hope you got what I am trying to say.

I hope you may learn something from this article and get some real value in your life. If you have thoughts on the same then do let me know in the comments below. I’ll be happy to answer.




I am a full time Digital Marketer, passionate traveler & now writer. New on medium. Love talking about Spirituality, Self-growth, Relationships & Business.

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Nomadic David

Nomadic David

I am a full time Digital Marketer, passionate traveler & now writer. New on medium. Love talking about Spirituality, Self-growth, Relationships & Business.

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